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Shoveling Snow

Just a brief note of contemplation:

It has been a long and stressful stretch of work. Extra hours filled with lots of sick children both at work and, at home. I have been feeling the imbalance that for me occurs when my mind works overtime and my body doesn’t get out the door to work at all. So, today I was happy to be at last moving more than thinking.

I find a certain solace in repetitive brute work. Hiking steadily uphill with a big pack. Mowing the grass with a hand mower. Digging a big hole in the sand. Shoveling snow. You might guess I problem solve, create or brainstorm while grunting. No, I just completely relax. Completely zone out and… refill the tank.

Now, after first a bout of shoveling followed by a long walk in the snow, I sit, calm again. Ready maybe, to face the week ahead. Oh, its only Friday? Ahhh, good. More grunt-work tomorrow.