Thanks and the sound of falling trees.

All week I have been struggling with an existentialist question. I am certain that it is one that many new bloggers face:

If you blog and no one reads it, did you write at all?

I did not really begin this blog to gain readers, true. I started it to have a creative outlet, to practice writing, to improve, to challenge myself and to get some of the thoughts about art, parenting, and daily life out of my head and onto “paper”. I have struggled a bit with the scope of this blog; I have questioned the combination of blogging about art/parenting/pediatrics.

Somedays I am too busy trying to balance clinic and home to come up with a good idea to write about. More often, the ideas are busting out of my head begging to get written about but the time is short.

Mostly lately it has seemed sort of quiet around here. Then tonight, I logged on and noticed an unusually high number of visits to my site today. A bit of research led me to the reason why. Bryan Vartabedian, MD of and his post highlighting voices from the medical blogosphere that he has enjoyed; those that are unique and compelling. I am, quite simply, honored to have been included.

It seems perhaps that my fallen tree made a sound after all.

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