I am a pediatrician (4 days a week) and mother of three kids (24/7). I enjoy thinking and writing about parenting, health and art. There is after all much art to being a good doctor and much beauty to be found in the daily work of parenting.  Art is certainly a metaphor for our endeavors as parents and doctors, but in the literal sense I am also passionate in my contemplation of art. My children (a boy, then a girl and their younger brother) are subject to many dinner conversations about art and its greater meaning.

While I like to write about medicine, health and parenting the my blog posts/pages are not meant to be medical advice; just fun and interesting and are only my own opinion. Always consult your own doctor or child’s doctor to decide together the right medical treatments and decisions for you or your child.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Doctor,
    I found your art musings very interesting and informed. I am an artist/professor of art who is interested in the how the processes of art making influences well-being and vice-versa. Your interest in words – linguistic, semiotic and formal (as expressed through your penchant for rail graffiti) – intersects with my own, which is likely how I happened upon your blog. I am not a fan of posted comments, but wanted to share with you, personally, my responses to your writing and observations. We would probably enjoy long conversations over tea, if either of us had that kind of time.

    1. Thank you Leslie!
      I took a look at your page – it makes me want to run to the easel and paint, or draw or, cut and definitely inspires me to write! Your work is beautiful.

      I’m in for tea!

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