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I am still reading The Creative Habit by Twila Tharp, I am motivated by Doctor_V  but, I still haven’t gotten out of bed before the sun to write. What a struggle this creating a writing habit is. I write for fun, I write for pay, I write to get better at writing but, increasingly it is hard to carve the time to get the job done.

The kids interrupt. The “dog” barks. The cell phone rings. The house phone rings. I ought to exercise. My hair grew. The garden grew. My neighbor is all kinds of fun. All kinds of excuses. But dear reader, the biggest distraction is this computer! Email (on 4 different accounts, don’t ask), Facebook, Twitter. The NYTimes and LATimes on-line. Love Wikipedia! Need to check to see if I have comments here to respond to. How many people looked at my blog today?…  Oof! How, when we write for a living on the computer, do we turn it off to write?