Twenty Questions

Last week I tried something new. Something a bit out of my comfort zone and something I have long resisted doing. I enjoyed the experience largely because of its novelty; it felt good to stretch.

The real fun began though, when I started telling people what I had tried. The statement “You’ll never guess what I did on Wednesday” became an interesting litmus test for how my friends and family view me. You might try it with your circle.
Here are their answers:
“You went sky-diving?” Yeah, okay… that person obviously did not know me at all well.

“Rock-climbing?” Ditto.
“You rode a motorcycle?” Really, people?
“Yoga?” Hmmm…
“You got back on Rollerblades? No.
“Run?” Hey really, would that be so unusual?
“Shop?” Ew.
“Skip work?” Okay, that would be surprising.
“Add a day in to work?” Sadly but no, working extra would not shock.
And now, in upside down and backwards writing, the answer is:
It really did feel good to stretch.

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