TV dinners

I enjoyed Dr Vs post about writing being a habit despite the kids and puppy (oh I know that combination all too well).  I read his link to The Myth of the Perfect Writing Environment … I took his message to heart. I tried to get up at 5 AM like him. Really I did….but eww? It was dark out? And cold? Ick.

So, to get my writing in tonight I let the kids watch Home Alone 3 and eat dinner on the floor in front of the TV.  I’m guessing that is not what he meant me to do? But, they don’t watch very much TV really, and most of the time they are sitting with me at the table being force-fed art history so its okay – right?

5 thoughts on “TV dinners

  1. Probably not what he meant, but yes, it’s ok – I give you permission to take time for yourself… at least once in a while!! Loving your musings!

  2. Yes. Life is about balance. Sometimes both sides of the scale need representation.
    I never took art history. Wish I could be a fly on the wall at your typical dinner 🙂 LOTS to learn.

    Hope they enjoyed the delicious treat of TV dinner-movie night.

    1. Yes, they had a hoot! You know, I think parents understand the value of eating with their kids but – get so caught up in worry about what is eaten, how much, manners and the stress of the day that there is a struggle to just have good conversation. Hopefully I can get it started! – Thanks!

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